Saturday, March 16, 2013

Get Free Music Now!

I know I usually write about games but this progam I found is amazing! Many people look up how to do this but few actually know how to do it with out getting in trouble. See every song is copyrighted but the songs on youtube really arn't. So how do you get the music from youtube on your mp3 or ipod? Theres a simple answer to that. It's called mp3rocket.

MP3 Rocket
It's an easy and self explainitory program.
  1. go install the program
  2. once finished installing, run it.
  3. go to youtube
  4. find a song you like
  5. copy the link up to the page of the song
  6. paste it in mp3 rockets mp3 converter
  7. now your song should be downloading :)
Link to the program:

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