Sunday, March 10, 2013

How to Make a Succesful Online Gaming Clan

Now I'm guessing your wanting to know how to make a successful online gaming clan because your reading this article. Well first off get the word easy out of your head because this will require a lot of effort if you want to make a good clan. Now through this article you might want to pick some things that you think is useful and would be beneficial to your clan. Now here are some key things that you need to decide for your clan.
You need to come up with the rules and the requirements to join the clan. For example, you could have an age requirement up to 14 and up. but don't make the Requirements like far out there to where you have to be the highest rank in a game or you have to have something that cost money, that will definitely get you nowhere. For the rules I suggest no cussing just because you might have young people in your clan. Also i strongly suggest you have a rule against bullying, harassment, and being disrespectful. These rules help in the reputation of you clan and shows you have quality people in your clan.

Some people have ranks some people don't. I recommend having ranks just because it gives the members something to work towards and it gives a purpose to why they are suppose to behave and follow the rules. Now what you rank them up for is totally up to you.
Now this is very important because this will decide on a lot of things for your clan and how you run them. Heres a list of the type of clans
  • Social - a social clan is more of a clan that has no ranks its just a group of people playing together having fun. Now if you choose this one then here's a tip, don't invite random people to your clan cause you don't know how they will act.;
  • Military - alot of people treat there clan like its the acutal military and train and talk to others like they are. this is one of the worst one's to choose from because it involves you being mean and strict all the time which no body likes.
  • Hardcore - Now you got the clans that love multiplayer and have alot of skill in the game. this type of clan usually requires tryouts to get into it.
Now you get to decide which games your clan will be on but here's a list I recommend for clans
  • call of duty: Modern Warfare 2/Black ops/Modern Warfare 3
  • Halo Reach
  • Runescape
  • Two worlds 2
  • Battlefield 3
  • Red Dead Redemption
  • World of Warcraft
  • Lord of the ring online
  • combat arms
There's many more just try to pick mulitiplayer games.
Try to set up events for the clanmates don't get bored and leave your clan. Try and come up with things like Call of duty weekend, or host tournaments inside the clan just try to have a good time and keep your clan active.
Now this is what some people have trouble with, what i recommend doing is build a free clan website. You can do this by using or any free website builder that allows you to have members and forums is good.

Now that you have the rules you need people to enforce them. These rule enforcers are usually the higher ranks in the clan. You have to make sure they know what they are doing to, trust me when there are no rules being forced and you have clan mates bullying other clan mates, you just lost a member and proably a couple of others too. Now for the desicisions i suggest having a council something where people vote on things like, for example, you were going to kick someone out, you vote on it so its fair unlike having the leader decide everything.
This is where it can get a little tricky because you dont want the wrong person for a really important job such as member checker. They make sure they are active and are online having fun with the clan. Make sure its a reliable person and that they will do a good job.
Now that you have the rules, ranks, council, clan website, rank structure, what type of clan you are, games your clan is on, the requirements, and everyone has there job down, your practically finished! All you have to do is recurite people into your clan. But only recurite people you actually played the game with for a little while and you know he/she wont cause any disturbance.Now of course there will be problems but don't worry every clan has them. It's your job as a leader though to stay calm and handle the situation with ease. Now that you have your clan up and running make sure you don't lose sight of what clans are really about; Having fun!

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