Sunday, March 10, 2013

How to Become a MLG Pro Gamer

So you want too be an MLG pro gamer? Well you came too the right place if thats correct. So many people at one point or another always wanted to be on a professional gaming team and make money. Thousands of people try and fail so why is it so hard too become MLG? Well most people don't have this guide that will surely help you on your journey too becoming MLG pro.
What it takes

Not very many people realize what this takes, and you might not either. This takes months of playing, yes I said months. You need to master the game your wanting to become MLG on. If your really wanting to be MLG, your gonna have to make this one of your main goals. You can't let anything get in the way of your gaming time. Thats the problem most people run into, they let things get in the way.
Where to start
go to and make an account and a team for your game. Here you can enter tournamnents and battle other people who are also trying to get better. Just like you.
How to start
1. Make an account on gamebattles
Making this account gives you so many oppertunities to battle other people and If you do good it get's your name or your online name out there.
2. Become the master at your game
ok, this should be an obvious step. You want TONS of experince under your belt on playing your game. You don't want to be the noob that loses to everyone.
3. Enter in a Single ladders tournament on gamebattles
Winning these, and placing high in these will get your name out there quick. It's fast and easy and a effective way to get your name out there.
4. Get a team together.
Now this might seem easier then it actually is. You got to find people that are actually willing to put in all the work and effort to making your team succesful. You don't want people you can't count on or can't trust.
5. Practice
Practice on multiplayer with your team. Learn how to work together. Make tactics for certain maps or make strategys for each player. Theres mulitple things you can do to make your team better.
6. go out there and whoop some a**
Thats right, I said it. Now after you completed all these step enter you team in tournaments and enjoy them. Have fun and don't let losing discourage you. Focus on what you did wrong and fix it. Also improve on the things you need to work on.

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