Sunday, March 10, 2013

How to Become a Video Game Tester

Everybody that once to become a game tester has done this before
Like many of us gamers, I looked up how to become a video game tester on google. What I found was not very useful. I found tons of sites telling me to buy this book and learn secret tips, dosn't seem very trust worthy does it. Well now here's a little trick that will help you out.
Video Game Quality Assurance Tester
This is the actual name of the job people are looking for. Getting paid by playing the game and looking for bugs and glitches in them. Now QA tester jobs are really hard to get but not possible, theres millions of them out there just some of them we don't like. One time I found a QA tester job from Big Fish. I've played some of there games arn't very fun but hey, you have to start some how and this is a perfect way to building your portfolio.
Now you know my little tip
go to google research look for jobs saying "games QA tester needed" and I hope you get your job in the gaming industry.

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